Planning Your Wedding


Budget Planning

A wedding can become very expensive if you do not keep track of all expenses. Use our Budget Planner to budget for your wedding day.

Budget Planner

Monthly Planning

Planning is very important - there might just be something you forget to do and this something can have an effect on your big day. Follow our step by step Monthly Planner and be sure to remember everything.

Monthly Planner

Legalities of Marriage

The two matrimonial
regimes in South Africa

Marriage in community of property or Marriage out of community of property.

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Solemnisation and registration
of civil marriages

Interesting information regarding Marriage Officers, place of marriage, witnesses and other matters.

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Wedding Etiquette

Who pays for what?

Just an indication to help you decide on who pays for what.

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Floral Art

The Meaning of Flowers

When deciding on a florist seek personal recommendations from friends and recently married acquaintances.

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